Capes in the Family

An interactive adventure in 8 chapters

By Gregg Taylor

Illustrated by Remie Geoffroi


Nick and Norris think their family is boring until killer robots kidnap their grandparents! In a secret underground lair, the boys discover hidden gadgets and costumes to become superheroes. Meet ridiculous superheroes like the Scarlet Hippie and Atom Woman who need your child to join the story. They’ll pilot rocket boots and crack codes in order to defeat the evil Dr. Cyborg.


  • 8 chapter books
  • 1 telegram
  • 1 news article puzzle
  • 7 interactive games


  • Unimind Adventure
  • Mastermind Mystery
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Outdoor Hot & Cold
  • Tombstone Scramble
  • The Amazing Maze
  • Neuron Runner


8-12 years old

An Urgent Mission

The adventure begins with the delivery of a telegraph to your child requesting their help as a secret agent. The characters in the book need your child by their side as they explore the underground lair and its assorted gadgets and machinery. Join Unimind the all-knowing computer as a trusty sidekick to defeat the mysterious Dr. Cyborg and his troupe of evil flying robots.

An Activity for Every Chapter

Every chapter has a cliffhanger ending where your child steps in to keep the story moving. Guided by our simple-to-use parental dashboard, each reading experience is followed by a personalized online game or an exciting real-life challenge. From cracking a digital code to searching for missing puzzle pieces around the house, every activity has your child working their wits and imagination.

Personalized Adventures Together

Our technology needs parent-power to run! In addition to customizing the reading experience to your child’s name, you play a vital part in the storytelling experience. In the Hot & Cold game, parents set up a few “hotspots” in the nearby park or neighbourhood for their child to discover using GPS. These waypoints need to be uncovered to continue the character’s quest.

Cute Coincidences

In the scavenger hunt challenge, your child needs to find all the missing pieces of a newspaper article to uncover the full story. These hiding places can be as intimate as under your child’s pillow or as silly inside the kitchen pantry! These points are all set up from your parental account, creating a gaming experience that’s as unique as your child.

I know somebody who can help us,” Norris said. “Let’s hope they can do it again. Unimind, contact the Agent!”

A Hero's Farewell

At the end of the adventure, the characters in the book give a phone call to the mysterious agent that guided their success. From the parental account, you can decide when to receive this call and hand off your phone to congratulate your child on a job well done!

Capes in the Family marks the first time I have had to put the brakes on and say, "No, you can't have another chapter yet. Now finish your breakfast."

The Creators

Gregg Taylor


Gregg Taylor has been writing adventure and mystery stories for as long as he can remember. He created the radio adventures of the Red Panda, masked protector of 1930’s Toronto for Decoder Ring Theatre, and has expanded that universe with four Tales of the Red Panda adventure novels, and the comic series The Red Panda, published digitally by Monkeybrain Comics via Comixology, and in trade paperback from IDW. He is also the creator of the radio detective Jack Justice, and is the author of the novels Black Jack Justice, Black Jack Justice: Dead Men Run and Finn’s Golem.

Remie Geoffroi


Remie Geoffroi has been an active freelance illustrator for over 15 years, maintaining a wide client base of US and Canadian clients. He has been involved in children’s publishing for much of that time, working with publishers such as Scholastic, Canadian History Society, Formac, and illustrating the joke pages for chickaDEE magazine, published by Owl Kids for over 10 years. During that time, Remie reimagined the characters of Mish, Mash and Mush and co-developed a joke book featuring them.

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